Mission Work and Outreach

All members are to be witnesses to others about Jesus Christ. This witness is a matter of both word and deed.

Some of the works in which we are involved and support:

  • Foreign Mission works: The Canadian Reformed Churches are involved in Mission and Mission Aid throughout the world, specifically in Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Smithers, British Columbia. Our church particularly supports the work of mission of the Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church of Hamilton. Hamilton's missionary is Rev. A. DeGraaf in Maceio, Brazil. www.irbmaceio.com.br
  • The work of Mission in Quebec through the Église Réformée du Québec (É.R.Q.)
  • Streetlight ministries: A joint project of the Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church and Fellowship Canadian Reformed Church of Burlington-South. With the missionary, Rev. Paul Aasman, a full-time mission worker, Richard Bultje, and the help of supporting churches in the area, Streetlight Ministries is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of downtown Hamilton.
  • Canadian Reformed World Relief Fund
  • Middle East Reformed Fellowship
  • Christian Counselling Centre
  • "Voice of the Church" Weekly radio broadcast of Biblical messages prepared by ministers of our federation. Radio station, weblink for live audio streaming. www.voiceofthechurch.org
  • The Kids’ Club supports our foster children Clinton O’doro and Levina Akoth Oguta.
  • The Gift of Heaven Course
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