What is Reformed?

The word “Reformed” speaks about our background. It simply means "back to the original form," that is, the form which God Himself intended and revealed in His Word, the Bible. The word "reformed" points to the Word of God as the solid foundation of the Church with Jesus Christ as its only head. These truths were again discovered during the years of the Reformation by men such as John Calvin. The Protestant Reformation that swept through Europe in the sixteenth century was a protest against unbiblical doctrines and practices of the church at that time. There are three slogans that characterize the Reformation:

  • "Scripture alone" maintains that the Bible is the only standard for faith. Human traditions may be useful, but not normative for a Christian.
  • "Grace alone" emphasizes that salvation is the result of God's grace through Jesus Christ. We cannot earn our salvation through "good works". Good works are not meant to earn God's grace but are a fruit of God's grace working in us.
  • "Faith alone" is the way to receive salvation. We believe in Jesus Christ as our only Saviour. We trust in Him alone for the forgiveness of our sins and the renewal of our lives.
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